How to fit replacement key buttons


Remove old buttons

DO NOT attempt to open the plastic key casing, their is no need. Tear away the centre of each old worn key button, you want to be able to see where the internal components are located before trimming old rubber.

Using a hobby knife or a small box cutter/Stanley knife, trim the old worn rubber back to the plastic key casing. (The rubber continues under the plastic casing and does not need to be completely removed to install new buttons).

Although located deeper inside the key, be sure you don’t cut into internal components.

Insert replacement buttons and check fit.

Insert buttons matching 'unlock/lock' function, being a high grade flexible silicone the key buttons simply push in and locate correctly.

If button has not located, remove button and trim away more of the old rubber. Pushing old rubber inwards will also assist in a perfect fit.

Congratulations! You will find that the new buttons are more responsive than original Commodore key buttons due to our improved design of the stem that comes into contact with the electronics.

Fitting Key Buttons

Fitted Key Buttons