About Key Buttons

“One Hundred and Ten Dollars for a single replacement programmed Holden Commodore key …”

“You’ve got to be joking!” I pleaded with the Holden dealer “Can’t I just buy the rubber buttons that have perished….?”

“Sorry, you need to buy a complete new key body. If you force open the old key you’ll break the solder connections and the remote won’t work anymore” was his response.

Well, that sucks…

Based in Queensland with experience in polymer processing and making moulds for plastic products, we decided to produce a mould to manufacture long lasting silicone replacement buttons for Holden Commodore keys. Now people all over Australia and New Zealand with Holden Commodores can replace key buttons for a lot less than a Holden dealer will charge for a new key.

With word of mouth you can help us reach as many commodore owners as possible so they too can save money with buttons that are better than the original buttons supplied by the vehicle manufacturer.

If you would like to contact us please email order@keybuttons.com.au

Please Note: We only accept orders for key buttons online, telephone orders do not produce internet generated packing and despatch forms which are required for all sales. We accept Credit Cards, Paypal or alternatively you can request a 'Tax Invoice' with banking details at checkout.


Coral Coast Agencies, Box 106 Stratford Qld 4870 Tel: 0427 138 300

What People Say...

Fixed Both Keys!

“We replaced the buttons in two sets of keys keys for the quarter of the price if we had the keys replaced by Holden. The new buttons work perfectly“
P. Seric - Gold Coast Qld

Great Product

“It's good to find a simple fix to what seems to be a very common problem. Well done KeyButtons..“
J. Hobbs- Penrith NSW


So easy to fit!

“At first I thought it might be difficult to fit the buttons, it's that easy anyone can do it...“
K. Dwyer - Ballina NSW


Fits perfectly in the key!

“I just received the boot button today to try in place of the round VR single lock/unlock button, and it fits perfectly in the key.
The button feels accurate, and snappy, just like new, and the colour matches nicely. “
T. Simpson - Wagga Wagga NSW

Key Buttons